“All little girls should be told they are pretty, even if they aren't.”
Marilyn Monroe

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Princess

Once a long time ago there lived a Princess. She was not like any princess today or that you read about in storybooks. No this Princess had a beauty that would never pass away she had charm but an undecitful kind. She had a heart that was gentle with everyone and a peace that many never find in life. She works hard for her kingdom never taking for granted her position.
She was known to be a princess in her small village though some doubted her every word. Sayings “ If you are a Princess tell us where your Kingdom is. " She would gently reply " I have told you already, but you do not believe me nor can you understand what I am trying to tell you." She believed every day that her King would come for her she knew who he was, and she knew who she was."

One day while she was washing clothes by the stream she noticed some ones refection behind her. As she turned around she noticed that it was a small girl, infact she had seen this girl before when she was taking food to the orphanage. The Princess could tell that this little girl was scared. So she spoke to her in a soft gentle voice asking her name. Shyly she said, "My name is May. “The Princess was beginning to tell her what a pretty name that was when she saw the tears feel May's eyes. The Princess's heart was breaking for May for she could see that something big was on her precious little heart. So she walked over and knelt eye to eye with her and honestly asked what was wrong.
"I... I thought you were a Princess, I even told all my friends that I knew one, but I was wrong.
"The Princess laughed wiping the tears off May's face. "You weren't wrong I am a Princess."
" Well if you were really a Princess why don't you have long wavy hair, or pretty dresses? And..... and your house is no more then a shack."
The Princess looked down at her plain dress. Then she spoke in a voice just as gentle as the one before.
"My darling May how the world has lied to you."
"Beauty is something more then what you look like, it's even more then what is inside you, true beauty is given by the king."
"And as for my clothes. I just have to say they’re what I have. Because since I am a Princess that means I haves duties things that I must do. Giving to others pleases my King.
Yes some days I do want pretty dresses and pretty things, but other need things too so for me to keep all the money for myself wouldn't be very kind now would it?"
Standing up the Princess looked out across the land as far as her eyes could see, then back to little May.
" I know that my house is indeed much like a shack. But what many don't understand is that my kingdom is in another land, far away from here. Some day I will live in a kingdom unlike any other. Until then my King has placed me where I am."

“So dear May do you now believe that I am really am Princess?”


May said shyly, ashamed that she ever doubted her being one in the first place.

“ Good! Now how would you like to be one too?”

May sat up straight happiness shining brightly in her eyes.

“Do you really mean it?”

“Is it really true that I could be a Princess a Princess just like you?”

“Yes indeed I mean it with all my heart you can be a Princess just like me.”

“All you have to do is love the King of Kings with all your heart, and lay down anything that will distract you from keeping your mind on him.” “ I also know that serving him and working for the Kingdom can be hard since we can’t see it yet. But do it with all your strength and remember when you do see your reward it will be better then anything this world could ever offer you.”

I don’t want to end this book with the words

“ Happily ever after.”

But they did both live happy lives-serving people, serving their King. And not giving into what other Kings had to offer them. They both were true beautiful Princess.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I have to admit that I love my name of my blog. This blog is written by a princess, but a princess unlike the world's princess. This Princess loves her King, and serves Him. She doesn't deserve anything special nor does she rank herself higher then others. This princess knows that her King loves her and calls her to serve people until it hurts.
Yours Truly,
God's Princess