“All little girls should be told they are pretty, even if they aren't.”
Marilyn Monroe

Monday, September 27, 2010

Here are some pictures that I really like.

Mama's house

" Everyone can build a house but it takes a wise women to build a home."

If you ask anyone who knows me you would find out that I am a very seasonal person.
If I had my own house I would decorate Spring, Summer, fall ,and winter.
Spring would come with bright colors yellow flowers.
Summer would bring lemonade in a glass pitcher with Lacy tablecloths.
Fall would bring Reds, Yellow, and greens. Sunflowers.Plad tablecloths.
Winter would bring cookies. A warm fire, blankets and candles.
But over the years I have found that what my mama likes and what I like are very different. I will admit that I have not always like that fact. I would like it if she would allow me to decorate the house when she does not.But I have found out something very importian. That my mama does decorate even if it's not with bright flowers and candles or fancy things. Instead she is very wise she does not love it so much that she would neglet us and decorate the house or fail to buy food because she just had to have those green curtins. Her style is simple and humble.
God has allowed me to see what gifts he has given my mama and now that I see them I truly love mama's house.
Like I said all our decorations are small and humble. But there mama all the way.I'm so thankful that God has allowed me to have a changed heart that instead of giving Mama such a bad time about the house. I now look at it and say wow it's pretty.
So I would challange everyone to give up theirselves so that they can allow others to be themselves. Maybe you'll come to love what they really are. I know that I have come to love my Mama's house and that I have come to love they ways she does things. I love that she makes our home comfortable to live in, and that she puts just the right amount of time and energy into making it a home.
I want to share some pictures of them.