“All little girls should be told they are pretty, even if they aren't.”
Marilyn Monroe

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A crazy cat story

     Movies like where the Red Ferns grow, Old Yeller, Black beauty, and Lassie and very dangerous. You see they get you distracted ,and then you lose all your common sense. It doesn't matter if the movie is about dogs, horses, or even a pig. The all start off the same. There is a little child.. Now this little child has a deep deep longing for a animal. Their longing is so deep that they are put into a pit of depression because of it. Then after watching their child suffer the parents give in and get the child a pet of their very own. Or as some say a "friend" this child went from being in a pit of depression to being in a pit of total heaven. Finally a pet of their own to have and hold for the rest of its dear life. Yeah!!! But that is just it you think it will end happily but it doesn't. It is always a bitter sweet ending. The pet always die and it is then the the child realizes that the death of the animal is not important, because all the year and happy memories that were spent with them is so much more greater then death.  Blaaa blaaa blaaa.. But yet every time I watch them I am in tears. Finding myself saying "Ohhhh... I wish I could love like that." But what these stories refuse to tell you is this little fact. In this world there are millions of dogs and cats. Millions! Out of all of them there are 25 that are as good as the ones in the movies. 25, yes that is it. You see you watch these movies then you go to the pet store and buy a dog and never once think about it being a bad dog, but before you take it in your arms it is already an "Old Dan" to you. Don't feel bad if you have fallen for this lie , because we have too. Which is why I am here now writing a story about a cat and a little girl.
It all started with this one time. This one time... Oh I remember it like it was yesterday. My father was gone visiting and when he got back he had with him a kitten. A kitten for my little sister. The joy filled my little sisters eyes as my father told her this little cat was her very own. You see this cat was already perfect. It was cute and it was hers so nothing else mattered. Never once did we think that perhaps this cat was not one of the 25 good cats. We were in love that was all that mattered. How we feel in love with her so fast blows me away even to this day. You see although we knew the box that was in my fathers hands had a cat inside of it we knew not what she looked liked.  Yet we knew she just had to be sooo cute.
From inside the box you could hear her banging around.She was fighting mad. She hissed and whacked the box each time one of us tried to bend down to let her out.
"Don't worry children she will calm down she is just scared." These were my fathers words. Then he very quickly opened the box and we sat and watched as this gray thing ran as fast as it could under the couch. That was all we seen of her for the first lets see 2 weeks. She was a kitten when we got her , but before we really seen her up close she was almost full grown. During this time  my 4 year old sister started to train her. How she did it I don't know. But soon this cat would come up to her and follow her around. Heart touching I know. Kidding kidding. Although my little sister could touch this cat we could not. This cat soon became a nightmare to all of us. It peed on everything. It would knock over the plants. It would wait for someone to go to the bathroom and then attack them. It was so bad that when we had people over and we seen them heading for the bathroom all of us would yell.
 "Watch out!!"
  Late at night you could hear the little kids cry because the cat decided that its toys were boring and that the kids face seemed much funner. The cat was named Katie, Katie the kitty. Katie the Kitty loved her cat tree that sat in the far corner of our living room. The corner that the kids are sent to when they disobey. The corner that is right next to the boys room. It has become so bad that when they are sent to the corner the scream not because they are in trouble but because they know if they make one little move that the cat dislikes she will jump on them with all her claws out. They try hard to avoid getting sent there.
We as a family are not evil. We are the kind that take in strays and give broken winged birds a real chance at life. But we have all decided that this cat better not have 9 lives. Mom has offered to shoot her. I have offered to give her swimming lessons down at the river. The little boys all want her to be an out door cat that gets lost. Even at one point my little sister told me that she wanted a "real cat." She pleading to me that if she could sell Katie she would buy a horse.  This may all sound bad to you that we could all hate her so much. But she is a rotten cat that has been rotten since day one.
  Chances have been given to her. Sometimes she will lay on the floor and look so peaceful. My little sister will come and nicely lay down next to her. Katie will even crawl into her lap then just when we think she has out grown her meanness. She will bite my little sisters face.
    While my parents were gone one time they kindly ask that I would try my best to make Katie an outside cat. As I watched them drive down our driveway and I thought to myself. "Wow they could have asked me something easier like learning how to fly or something." So all week I spent trying to get this cat outside. This is hard he the cat for one not always likes to even be touched plus when ever she sees you carrying her to a door she freaks out ripping your arm skin clean off. Need I say this was not going to be the way I got her out. So my clever mind decided that if we could just put her inside something and then take her outside and let her go it was bound to work. So this is the point when a person finds a box or a cat carrier. Not me I found a cooler. Don't judge me! I mean think about it, it has four sides and a bottom and a top. Works for me. So I found her some canned food and put it inside then all of us hid behind the counter and waited... and waited. Finally she got inside and my little brother ran over and closed the lid and we all danced around for 5 minutes singing and shouting.
   Katie did not like the idea of spending a night outside. All night she scratched at the door and meowed in anger. She somehow lived that night.But the next day we went on living our happy life and she went on doing whatever she wanted too do. Truthfully she never crossed my mind until I heard the rushing of 3 kids come running into the house screaming there is something dead outside. Now if you are around kids much you know that they have many types of screams. They have the sad and scared scream ,and they have a scream of gladness. Sadly to say the scream I heard at that moment was a scream of gladness. I on the other hand was having mix emotions about all this. For one I disliked the cat, but I also disliked dealing with anything dead. But since I knew the dead thing had to be dealt with I went out to take care of it. As I walked across my yard I couldn't help but hear the little's talking.
"Do you think it was really her!." One had said.
"We will see." The other one said skipping like we were going to get ice cream NOT going to bury a dead thing.
 When I got over there I took one look at the thing and knew it was not her. But I laughed pretty hard at my siblings as they walked home heads hanging low.
The cat lived and the children have not been attacked since she has been outside. She even seems to be nice now that she lives outside.

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