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Monday, April 26, 2010

In the hands of a Daddy.

I had the Chance to go to Seattle this weekend, and take a very important person with me or maybe he took me with him :) How ever it went I had a great time learned a lot, and brought a lot back with me so that I can keep learning. But anyways this man was my father he is a Godly man who leads his family in the way God wants us to go. He loves his wife, and trust her with us kids. His heart safely trust in her. She is amazing. My daddy is everything a dad can be. He's funny he's smart, and he is trust worthy. I know these things from watching him live his life. I a year ago or so I gave my father my heart not is a medical way, but it was in a way of trust and love. That day he took me out on a date, and gave me a ring a promise ring. I really did not completely understand what I was committing to that day, but I would NEVER take it all back.
I do understand that most of you may not have a clue what that means or why I did that. So allow me to tell you. I know that this world is evil and dangerous. I have lived on both sides. I know that hearts get broken, and that most people use the word Love but do not understand what it really means. I know that people have emotions, and feelings. I believe that God placed fathers in our lives to lead and protect us. I'm dearly sorry for all of you that have fathers that fail to do their jobs. I do understand. But for those of you that have Godly fathers that care about you and care about your heart. Would you thank them stop telling them to stay out of your life stop hating them when you really want to love them . Stop giving your heart, and yourself away to "boyfriends" Because it's important it is not yours it's Gods, and our husbands that God may someday give to us.
I once had a father who failed to do his duty he let me give my heart to anyone who asked for it. He allowed me to be hurt abused and damaged. He was a man who I wanted to love a man who I dearly wished would protect me but he never did. I was once empty broken and useless and than God took me and filled me up. He showed me how great he was how he could make me new. Then he gave me a very special gift a gift of a family a Godly family a dad who would die for me and a mom who loved me greatly. That doesn't happen to everyone so I count it a Huge blessing.
I had a LOT to learn I had to trust give things up and change. I was so use to giving my heart away to "boyfriends" that I couldn't give it to my father. Then I seen that this world wasn't getting better, and my heart wasn't going to be protected by itself. I gave it to my daddy. I gave him my heart to protect and keep safe tell the day he hands me over to be wed. I was making a commitment to trust him. I was giving up my power to fall "head over heals" of any guy. It's very comforting to know that someone will protect you from making stupid decisions. I know that when I stand at the alter I can say I do without any doubts. Children love your fathers.
Here are some pictures of my Birthday -Father daughter date we went on a small road trip. Had so much fun. Thank you God and thank you Papa.

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