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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Romantic winter moments...

The winter's weather is right outside your house. The frost is on the window. The tea pot is whistling and the fire is crackling. You are in your favorite flowing skirt and your hair is curled (just perfectly)....Nothing is better than this moment, right here. Ah, it would be a perfect time to pick up a good book and read it whilst rocking in my chair, sipping my hot tea.
Sadly, I don't own a rocking chair...I just thought I would play Anne of Green Gables for a minute. However, I did kinda have a point. It's just that, the way I wrote the perfect moment up above is NOT at all how my perfect moment starts off. Allow me to be honest and please allow me to ask that you love me even after you hear how it comes about.
I wake up because it is winter outside and it is freezing in my house and my body is just inches away from going in to hyperthermic shock. It demands that I seek heat elsewhere. The tea is not a romantic thing that will make my day go perfectly, but in fact, is needed to warm me and keep me healthy. The fire does get to crackling and, I must say, that it is very romantic when it does finally pump out the heat. The flowing skirt is very unlikely to happen...at least not for an hour...or more (maybe much more, if it really cold.) It's more like fuzzy socks and a nice warm pair of jeans and a comfy sweeter (or even my fuzzy PJs, if I am not immediately motivated.) This is more like how my perfect moment starts.. Oh wait, first I need my fuzzy blanket... Yes, much better, now I will read a book and sip my hot tea.
Winter is a wonderful time to catch up on all your reading. I love winter time in our house. We read a family book right after or before the bible, as a family, every night. We pick the books wisely so that all members of our family will enjoy them. It is a time when all I-pads , I-pods. Facebook, phones ,toys are put away and all the mysteries of the book are unsolved. I think that God has blessed many people to be wonderful writers and artist. And I erge you to see and read some of their wonderful stuff. I have put together some of the well loved books that are in our house hold.
Children books can be loved by all ages. Sometimes when one is being read aloud at home you will find the BIG kids listing too.

The I can read books are wonderful for kids who are just learning to read.

Biscuit Finds a Friend. By Alyssa Satin Capucilli (This book is very cute. I love it.)

Frog and Toad. By Arnold Lobel

Some other really cute books that children really like .

Becasue I love you. By Max Lucado

We're going on a bear hunt. By Michael Rosen Helen Oxenbury ( be prepare to have little children running around the house after you read this yelling "We're goin' on a bear hunt." it should only last a few days.")

Bear's new Friend. By Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman ( This one has beautiful pictures.)

The bear snores on . By Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman

God Gave us you. By Lisa Tawn Bergren

For little boys

God's Wisdom for little Boys. By Jim and Elizabeth George (This book is Character-Buiding Fun from the Proverbs

Will God's Mighty Warrior.By Sheila Walsh.

For little Girls

Fritz and the Beautiful Horses. By Jan Brett

Just like Mama. By Beverly Lewis

For the whole family

Old Yeller. By Fred Gipson

The Pilgrim's Progress.By John Bunyan

Where The Red Fern Grow. Wilson Rawls (Love this one..... Warning it comes with tears.)

Brother Andrew....... But sadly the book is not on hand so I can not share with you who wrote it. :(

Young ladies

For some families fake romanace is not allowed. I do own two very good and clean christian love books that are not misleading and are very helpful in a young ladies life. At least I think so....

Passion And Purity. By Elisabeth Elliot

Beloved Bride. By Bill Potter( Oh this one is amazing its The letters of Stonewall Jaackson to his wife. good good.)

These next ones are ones that I have read many times and still love picking them up and reading them.

A Lineage of Grace. By Francine Rivers

Redeeming Love.By Francine Rivers (Love it.)

Fathers and Daughters. By David Barrett And Elysse Barrett.

Before you meet prince charming. By Sarah Mally (This book was a gift to me from one of my married friends she loved it and said it was even helpful to her as a married women.)

His Chosen Bride. By Jennifer J.Lamp

Books for men or young men

Mere Christianity.By C.S lewis

This Present Darkness. Frank E. Pretti

How long O Lord? By D.A Carson

Kelpluck.By Patrick F. McManus (All his books are good... If you like funny he is the man!!)

Books for Mommies

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha world. By Joanna Weaver

Passionate Housewifes Desperate for God. By Jennie Chancey and Stacy Mcdonald

Heidi .By Johanna Spyri

Well, I hope you can take some of these books and find as much love for them as my family has. There are many many more wonderful books but for the sake of me not having to write a book myself on books I made you a start of a list...

In Him I live and write,

Brandie Faith

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