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Marilyn Monroe

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Unchanging God

In this world there is hate, love, and there is fear. The list is long .There are people who laugh and have big families. While on the other side of the street there are small families who may be in tears. There are children who get abused. Wives that get beat up by their husbands. There is good and evil.
Before you say duhhhh.. Think about the worse thing that has ever happened to you. And as you read this keep that thought.
I want to tell you a story. A few years ago I was at a friends house eating breakfast. She asked me if I wanted some milk. I naturally said yes. She handed me the cup. Now.... I have had lots of milk before this cup. So without thinking about it, I took a drink, a big one, you might even say a slug. The taste of it was so noxious that it made me run to the bathroom. (I mean it was some BAD goat milk.) From that day on, when someone hands me a cup of goats milk, I smell that bad boy and I'm afraid to taste it. My point is not how you shouldn't drink goats milk. My point is that because I had bad goats milk once, I was forever changed. Same with other stuff in this life. I once crashed a motorbike. I'm now scared if I ride with on one today. When my brother was a baby, a dog barked right in his face, scaring him really bad. To this day he doesn't trust dogs.
It is very human of us to have something happen to us that changes our thinking of something or someone. Because I can, I'll say this. Too many times we allow something bad or good to change the way we look at God. When I was little I was abused, I thought until I was 14 that God hated me. I thought that He had given up on me. I looked around and all I saw were bad things. Now, what if I had grown up in a good loving home? Would I still have had to deal with thinking God was someone he wasn't? I tend to think yes. Because when I was 15 I was adopted into a loving Godly home. I still deal with things. I woke up the other day and I was crabby. I mean I was a bear. I was unhappy with everything. I thought that God was gone that day. I was sure that he was ANYWHERE but with me. That was a lie. A false accusation about God. I didn't understand any of this until the other day when I slid off the road into the ditch, in my car. Having to leave it there, as it hung out into the road teeter tottering on the edge of disaster. The car was practically daring me to kick it, so that it could fall further into the ditch. I walked away very upset. ''God please. Not tonight" I groaned. Some 2 hours later my car was pulled out without even a scratch with the help of some good friends. My friends dad told me how he was amazed that the car was unharmed. Then it hit me. God was there. The way God made my car land was so amazing. So if God kept my car and me safe, then that meant God was there as I was fishtailing down the road backwards? Did that mean he was there as I yell "Oh noooooo?'' YES, YES and YES. God was there even when I climbed out of my car and looked at it and thought about setting it on fire. God was there and he wanted me to see that He was there; when I crashed. But I'm a sinner and I'm not perfect. Nice excuse I know. But really God is the same. He is still Good, Faithful, Loving, and Forgiving. Even when we are are scared, mad, or lonely. Things that happen on this earth don't change Him. They don't make him leave, when we see bad things and they DON'T turn his truth into a lie. So what do we do? We pray and we pray a lot. Every day all day. We read his word so that we know what His truths are. When we come across one of His truths; like when He says ''I will never leave you or forsake you." But when stop and think of the past, we often jump up and yell, ''BUT, that one time GOD you couldn't have been with me." Its then we need to pray: God show me how you were really there. I often ask the Lord to show me why I can't see him sometimes, in the things that are going on around me. I ask Him to reveal what is really there, rather than what it is I am choosing to see. Like the car crash the other day, before my friend told me that God saved me, all I saw was a big mess, a big hole in my plan. But in the end I saw God's hand in my life. What is it that we will see when the truth is firm in our hearts instead of the stupid lie? How will we see the world when the truth is shown instead of our mixed up feelings at our messed up situation.
What if we chose to believe Him...? What if we trusted what He told us about Himself rather than our own feelings? It is then, when we are at the rock bottom of the pit, that we will see the truth and we will see that the truth does NOT move. That even at those moments when our hearts have broken and pain runs like a river, we can see the joy that is present. The joy of God that is continuously with us, ever comforting, ever encouraging, ever moving, ever loving and everlasting God..forever and ever amen.

In Him I live and write,

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  1. Oh, my one and only Snope Snorter! How I love and adore you! :) I love to see how God is working in your life, and mine. I love you!!!