“All little girls should be told they are pretty, even if they aren't.”
Marilyn Monroe

Monday, January 16, 2012

Don't believe them!!!

I want to share with anyone who is going to read this a very important message. Mostly this is for girls and women, but hey it could fit just as well in a mans life too. What I'm going to say is a very simple fact -challenge, yet hardly anyone will be able to do it. Want to know what it is????
It is this.
Stop believing the lies that the world are telling you. I know it is hard in to today's world to figure out that almost everyone and thing around you wants to see you as less. It's hard when all your friends and the T.V tells you that you are not allowed to enjoy yourself.
I'm not talking about a be free, have fun, get drunk ,do drugs thing. I'm just a young lady who is tired of people going on diets and looking into the mirror and saying mean things about themselves. I'm tired of watching young people think they are less then they really are because they are not married. It's....... it's just silly. And trust me I know what I'm writing about because I do it too. We have all these people and things that expect us to be something that we are really not suppose to be. When God made us he did not want us to listen to "Glamor Girl." He had his own idea of what beauty and happiness looks like. But I don't even know if we know what his idea looks like anymore thanks to lies!!
Teens don't have sit at home and fry their brains with movies and Video games. They don't have to have the world think that the only thing they are good at is getting into trouble. I mean when the only thing your mommy and daddy expects you to do at 17 is make your bed that is sad. Horrible.
But yet we are not willing to show them that we can handle more then that.
So maybe your not lazy maybe you can handle making your bed ,and cleaning the house and make bread.
But are you the type of person who is never happy with yourself? When someone goes to take a picture do you turn away? Every morning do you look in the mirror and say how ugly you are? Does none of your clothes fit right? Do you think makeup makes you prettier? Do you think that acting a certain way will make you someone better?
I say yes to some of these. I live believing so many lies too. But why for what reason, tell me what does thinking you look fat bring you? Do you really want to be lazy everyday? Do you want to be the type of person that only will be happy when you are married? Or maybe only can really enjoy life when you have this job and this bill paid off? I'll answer for you.... NO NO NO!! No you want to learn to love what God has made you look like. You want to be helpful and busy. You want to be thankful ,and honestly happy right where you are now. I know I do.
Tonight I am doing laundry at 10 pm. I am blogging and I love it. I love that right now I can be honestly happy. Sure I want to be married and I have dreams other then these things, but that is not stopping me from being useful and happy right where I am.
Be who you really are. Maybe you need to change some things. But I'm sure when God created you he made somethings good in you... Just a thought.
So be challenged this week. Do what is good. Like what you look like. Laugh at who you are. Enjoy where you are.
For one week I challenge you to not think about being somewhere different or someone different. I challenge you to stop believing the lies!!

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  1. What really bothers me is that so many women are trying to look like magazine models who really look nothing like their picture! They are extensively Photoshopped to look thinner, tanner, more "beautiful' in every way, until they look nothing like any real flesh and blood human woman can look, yet everyone is dissatisfied with themselves for not looking like that! Let us be clothed with the garment of salvation, and put on grace and humility; only then will we be truly beautiful!